Stefan Krastanov

PhD student at Yale Quantum Institute, Yale University

Teaching Experience


Teaching Fellow and Outreach Lead

Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
  • Project Based Interdisciplinary Classes In project based learning one teaches the students that they have the skills to actively make the world a better place. I have been a teaching fellow and a consultant for numerous classes that have run at Yale's Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (Yale's academic hacker space), guiding students in redesigning the network of exhibits in one of the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall in Washington; creating sensor networks for smart homes; designing numerous medical devices in collaboration with Yale's Med School; building interactive art and museum installations.
  • Traditional Courses and Tutoring Intro Physics, lab and theory; Advanced Physics and Math; Senior level Engineering, Mechatronics; Some Computer Science.

Google Summer of Code Mentor

Sympy, Symbolic Computer Algebra Project (remote)
Mentor for two consecutive years at the 2013 and 2014 “Google Summer of Code” programs for the computer algebra system project SymPy.

Undergrad and High School Teaching experience

Volunteer in summer schools or Physics competition preparation Bulgaria and France
  • Authored for three consecutive years the problems for the Annual Physics Competitions of the Minu Balkanski Foundation and graded the submissions.
  • Tutored intensive summer courses for high school physics international competitions at the summer school of Theodisius Teodosiev and at High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences “acad. N. Obreshkov”, Burgas, Bulgaria.
  • Mentor at the Google Code-In high school program for the computer algebra system project SymPy.
  • As a high school senior, tutored extracurricular Physics to underclassmen in preparation for Physics competitions.

STEM Outreach


Engineering Day Coordinator

Yale gradSWE New Haven, Connecticut
Design and coordinate outreach activities in mathematical art, physics, engineering, robotics, and electronics.

Girls Science Investigations Coordinator

Yale Physics Department New Haven, Connecticut
Coordinator for GSI, a 200-attendee half-day science outreach event held 4 times a year at the Yale Physics Department.

Research Experience


Research Assistant

Yale Quantum Institute New Haven, Connecticut
Member of Prof. Liang Jiang's group. Work on quantum computing and communication, optimal control, parameter estimation, quantum circuit design, error correction.

Undergrad Research Projects

Internships and Class Projects Lyon, France
  • 2012 Worked on a symbolic differential geometry module for the Computer Algebra System “SymPy” on an internship from Google (GSoC). Work based on “Functional Differential Geometry” by Wisdom and Sussman, MIT.
  • 2012 Worked on inhomogeneous cosmologies (modeling and comparison with supernovae observations). Three months internship at the Geneva University's Theoretical Physics Group under the supervision of Prof. Martin Kunz and in collaboration with Prof. Thomas Buchert.
  • 2012 Implemented generator of Feynman diagrams and matrix elements calculator inspired by the MadGraph project - class credits related work.
  • 2011 Part-time work during the academic year on electrodynamics MD simulations software at the group of Prof. Rolf Walder at Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon, ENS Lyon, France.
  • 2011 Researched the possibilities for Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in metastable solid helium. Two months internship at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Jacquier.
  • 2010 Work on Molecular Dynamics simulations of DNA chains under the supervision of a PhD student at CBP, Lyon, France - class credits related work.



Ph.D. student, Physics

Yale Quantum Institute, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
Quantum Computing Research, under Prof. Liang Jiang

Integrated Bachelor and Master of Science, Physics and Chemistry

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon, France
  • Autumn 2012 Student exchange at ETH Zürich for one semester as a Master student.
  • 2010 - 2013 Integrated Bachelor and Master of Science, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon with the status of a normalien. The ENS Lyon is a highly selective Grande école. Entrance is granted by competitive exams. It trains researchers and teachers in the sciences and the humanities. It's also an active research center.
  • 2010 Grandes Écoles competitive exam Admitted at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
  • 2008 - 2010 Diplôme CPGE, Lycée Louis le Grand, Paris. The Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles (CPGE) are two very selective years acting as a prep course with the main goal of training students for enrollment in one of the Grandes écoles. The workload is generally very high with focus on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The Grandes écoles are higher education establishments outside the main framework of the French university system. They include science & engineering schools and the three écoles normales supérieures. Due to their competitive entrance exams, they are widely regarded as a prestigious curriculum by students, and traditionally have produced most of France's scientists and executives.

High School

High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences “acad. N. Obreshkov” Burgas, Bulgaria
Including Summer Schools in Physics and Mathematics as a preparation for national and international high school competitions.

Awards and Fellowships


Graduate School Public Service Award for Disciplinary Outreach

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
For my work designing hands-on outreach events. The award recognizes a graduate school student who uses specific knowledge of his/her own discipline as the basis for voluntary service in the local community. Making knowledge and skills from one’s discipline relevant and useful to those in need in the community is the hallmark of this award.

Prize Teaching Fellowship

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
For my work as a teaching fellow for ENG404 "Medical Devices Design and Innovation" under the instruction of Dr. Joseph Zinter. The Prize Teaching Fellowships recognize outstanding performance and promise as a teacher. They are considered among the most important honors that Yale bestows upon graduate students.

Normalien Fellowship

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon, France
Fellowship granted by the Ecole Normale Supérieures on the basis of their competitive entrance exam.

International Physics Olympiad Medals

Hanoi, Vietnam and Isfahan, Iran
Bronze and Silver medals at the 38th and 39th International Physics Olympiads.

Select Hobby Projects


YQI Art Installation on Non-contextual Hidden Variable Theories

Yale Quantum Institute New Haven, Connecticut
Under the instructions of Martha Lewis, YQI's artist in residence, I contributed much of the electronics behind the "I will be your qubit" art installation for New Haven's Arts and Ideas festival.

Motion-responsive Jewelry

Engineering Day outreach New Haven, Connecticut
In collaboration with colleagues in the School of Engineering, I have prototyped programmable earrings, sensing the motion of the wearer and encoding it in a whimsical pattern of lights.

Laser-projector Music Box

New Haven, Connecticut
A persistence of vision laser projector music box, with handcrafted galvanic mirrors, computer vision calibration, and custom vector-to-waveform control software.