This week I was doing some interesting refactoring, that brings quite a bit of new possibilities, however I will write about this in the coming days. For now… printing. Most importantly, any suggestions for improvements are very welcomed.

Printing in SymPy is done really easily. You just add a _print_Whatever() method to the printer and your new class is printed in whatever manner you wish.

For the moment I am printing scalar fields just as the name of the coordinate in bold non-italic, vector fields as \( \partial\) with the name as a subscript and differentials as a fancy \( d\) followed by the name.

First of all the unicode printer:


There are some obvious problems, like the fact that in unicode there is no subscript for \( \theta\) or \( y\).

And then the \( \LaTeX\) printer:


Now I must find a nice way to print a Point() instance.

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