Teaching and Outreach

Engineering Day for School Children
Under the umbrella of SWE I design and coordinate outreach activities in robotics and electronics.
I am the current coordinator for GSI, a half-day science outreach event held multiple times a year at the Yale Physics Department.
in Bulgarian: Висше във Франция
Често полувачам въпроси относно висшето образование във Франция от български гимназисти които желаят да кандидатстват там. На тази страницa описвам моите преживявания във френската образователна система.

Open Source

Sympy is a Computer Algebra library on which I worked as a volunteer during most of my undergrad. See the SymPy tag. The Diff Geom in Python Page describes work I did under a student scholarship from Google (GSoC).
Hamiltonian Engineering - BBQ formalism
A constraint solver for the design of Hamiltonians ("pumps") in the BBQ formalism.
A small package for numerical simulation of quantum systems. Created as an alternative to `qutip` due to code generation limitations in the latter.
Genealogy Software
Web based collaborative software for family tree research.
Bulgarian Parliament Tracker
The first public tracker and visualizer of parliamentary votes in the Bulgarian parliament. Supplanted by the obshtestvo.bg community.

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