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A Few Lines of Python for Beautiful Rendering of Literate Programs

Making a Timelapse of the Creation of a Printed Circuit Board in KiCad

My Highschool’s anthem (химна на ПМГ акад. Н. Обрешков, Бургас)

Motion Sensing Jewelry

Yale Quantum Institute Art Installation on Non-contextual Hidden Variable Theories

Conference Poster in HTML and CSS

Building an Automated Bioreactor

Heated Bracelet

Arduino Alarm Clock and Music Player

Simple Laser Projector Based on Persistence of Vision

Booting a Raspberry Pi reliably from USB in the presence of multiple USB drives

A DIY EEG (ECG) Machine

Конкурса по Физика на фондация Миню Балкански 2013

SymPy plots with D3.js in IPython

Moving from Wordpress to Pelican

Sage vs SymPy - integration

Graph of the Relations between Objects in the diffgeom Module

The diffgeom Module - Status Report

Адреси на Народните Представители - юли 2012

Form Fields and Vector Fields do not form a Vector Space

Objects Implemented in the diffgeom Module

The Schwarzschild Solution

Tensor vs Tensor Field, Basis vs Coordinate System

Visiting CERN for the Big Announcement

Part 1: What is a Tensor and How is it Implemented in the diffgeom SymPy module?

Printing in SymPy (for the Differential Geometry Module)

Integral Curves of Vector Fields in SymPy

Consistent output from the SymPy solvers (and some ideas about the ODE solver)

Scalar and Vector Fields in SymPy - First Steps

Differential Geometry in SymPy - my GSoC project

Some Fractal Renderings

Kernel parameters make a difference in power consumption

Какво смята обменен студент от Yale University за Препа

Френските Висши Училища vs Известните в България Университети

Скъпоценния камък на Гаус

Конкурса по Физика на фондация Миню Балкански 2011

Gaussian optics in Sympy: studying a lens

Gaussian optics in Sympy

История на Френската Образователна Система

Какво се учи в Prepa - Математика

Хроничната ми непоносимост към философията

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